"The accident of where one is born is just that, an accident; any human being might have been born in any nation"
Martha Nussbaum, 'Patriotism and Cosmopolitanism' in For Love of Country (Beacon Press, 2002)

Monday, 31 March 2008

Thinking (With)Out Borders: International Political Theory in the 21st Century

This conference has been brought to my attention - it sounds like it could be really interesting, although unfortunately the deadline for submission has passed.

Thinking (With)Out Borders: International Political Theory in the 21st Century

June 12-13, 2008, University of St Andrews, St Andrews, Scotland, UK

Whether it is a matter of power, sovereignty, justice, citizenship or the political itself, international political theory is both constituted by and probing of borders, boundaries, and dividing lines of various sorts: territorial, conceptual, historical, social, legal, economic, intellectual, and ethical. With this broad theme in mind, this conference presents a major opportunity for scholars working in the interdisciplinary field of international political theory to discuss the past, present and future questions and challenges of this burgeoning area of study.

Keynote Speaker: Seyla Benhabib, Eugene Meyer Professor of Political Science and Philosophy at Yale University

Papers and panels are invited on any of the following indicative themes:

Global constitutionalism
Refugees and migration
Global practices of violence
Human rights and responsibilities
Environment, technology and development
Friendship and hospitality
International political thought beyond the West
Imperialisms and empire
Globalization and global civil society
Democracy and peace

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