"The accident of where one is born is just that, an accident; any human being might have been born in any nation"
Martha Nussbaum, 'Patriotism and Cosmopolitanism' in For Love of Country (Beacon Press, 2002)

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Constructivism in Political Philosophy

Details of the upcoming constructivism workshop at Sheffield:

Workshop: Constructivism in Political Philosophy
University of Sheffield,
7th February, 2009

10.00 - registration and coffee
10.30 - Kerstin Budde (University of Sheffield): "What do we need Political Constructivism for?"
11.45 - coffee
12.15 - Aaron James (University of California at Irvine): "Political Constructivism: Foundations and Novel Applications"
1.30 - lunch
2.30 - Andrew Williams (Universty of Warwick): "Constructivism and Publicity"
3.45 - coffee
4.15 - Miriam Ronzoni (European University Institute): “Constructivist Justice as a Problem-solving Concept"
5.30 - end of workshop

Each session will consist of a 45 minute talk and a 30 minute discussion

Information about registration and prices is here. The workshop will take place in the Humanities Research Institute of the University of Sheffield. Directions are here. Any inquiries please direct to Heather Arnold: H.E.Arnold@sheffield.ac.uk

This is the first of four events at Sheffield that will comprise the AHRC-funded project on Constructivism in Practical Philosophy. For details of the rest of the project see our main website.

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