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Martha Nussbaum, 'Patriotism and Cosmopolitanism' in For Love of Country (Beacon Press, 2002)

Friday, 18 April 2008

CFP: BSET 2009

The CFP is out for BSET 2009...

University of Reading, UK
13th -15th July 2009

Invited Speakers: James Lenman (Sheffield), Jeff McMahan (Rutgers)

Papers are invited for the annual conference of the British Society for EthicalTheory, to be held at the University of Reading. The subject area is open within metaethics and normative ethics. Papers on topics in applied ethics or the history of ethics may also be considered provided they are also of wider theoretical interest. Papers, which should be unpublished at the time of submission, should be in English, no longer than 6500 words, readable in at most 45 minutes and in aform suitable for blind review. Please send your submission electronically, and include an abstract, as well as your full name, address and academic affiliation. Those who submitted papers for our previous conferences - successfully or otherwise - are welcome to submit again (though not of course the same papers!). Please tell us if you are a postgraduate student: submissions from postgraduates are encouraged as our aim is that some such should be represented at the conference.
Selected conference papers will be published in the journal “Ethical Theory and Moral Practice”. Please make clear in any covering letter whether you wish your paper to be considered for publication here as well as for the conference programme. The deadline for submissions is 12th December, 2008.
Papers and accompanying particulars should be emailed to Dr. Bart Streumer: b.streumer@reading.ac.uk Note that ONLY electronic submissions will be accepted.

NOTE: The BSET webpages are currently down due to technical problems. Information about the 2009 conference will be posted at the Reading Philosophy Department webpages in due course. There is information about our 2008 conference here: http://www.philosophy.ed.ac.uk/ethicaltheory/index.html

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