"The accident of where one is born is just that, an accident; any human being might have been born in any nation"
Martha Nussbaum, 'Patriotism and Cosmopolitanism' in For Love of Country (Beacon Press, 2002)

Monday, 14 April 2008

Here's Hoping...

I've just submitted my paper on David Miller's theory of rights to The Philosophical Quarterly. I choose Phil Quarterly on the advice of my supervisors who both agreed that it would be a good place to send it to, given the stature of the journal and their average response times. Given that this is the first time I've submitted a paper I'm finding the whole process rather intimidating. Still, I think it's the strongest paper I've ever written, and given that it is on a timely topic and is tightly focused so I'm tentatively hopeful. This hope is kept firmly in check however with the knowledge that Phil Quarterly is a very good journal and that I would be extremely lucky to be successful. I'm hoping for a fairly quick response and for some helpful reviewer comments even if (when?) it does get rejected. That way I can modify the paper and try again elsewhere.

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Good luck!